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Q&A #2

Question: I was very late for a very important professional concert. The contractor is very upset and has cut me loose. What do I do now?
Young pro. New York City

Trumpet Professor: Oops! Well, you’re in a very difficult situation! You can bet that the contractor has taken a lot of heat from the conductor, so not only is the contractor upset, but also your professional reputation may have suffered. The #1 rule in the business is dependability. Ok, so where do you go from here? I would suggest writing the contractor a note of apology. Remember, mention that you take full responsibility for arriving late, and apologize for letting him/her down as well as the members of the orchestra, the promoters, and the audience. You can’t make up for the past but you can learn from it. Moving forward, make it a personal rule to arrive 30 minutes early for EVERY rehearsal or performance. Over time, people will see that you are a dependable and professional member of the musical community.

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