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Jun 17
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Recommended methods and performance music for trumpet players of all levels.

Trumpet Sheet Music

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In this section we present some outstanding trumpet recordings in all styles of music.

Books can generate inspiration and creative ideas. Whether you're new at the trumpet or have been at it for many years, everyone can use a little inspiration at times. Biographies, music history, music theory, music arranging, song writing, the business of music, stage fright - it's all here.

Etudes, solos, technical books, songs and more. We make informed recommendations that we hope are helpful to you. 

The Trumpet Professor's Tips and suggestions

Trumpet Posture

Sit up or stand and hold the trumpet up. The bell should be pointed towards the audience.  Don’t slouch, the arms should not press against the side of the body but apart, with a little space between the arms and the side of your body. Don't hold the horn too tightly; try to hold the instrument as lightly as necessary to play properly. Take a big breath and blow. Pay attention to what the best playing position is for you. Good posture is a very important part of good trumpet playing.

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