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Trumpet Professor

Although there can sometimes be many answers to a question, The Trumpet Professor tries to answer questions about trumpet playing- from the most basic to the most complex.

The use of the air stream is paramount in trumpet playing. Many trumpeters spend too much time thinking about their lips instead of their airflow. This simple exercise can help with the development of air stream technique and awareness. Take a full breath and blow air through your lead pipe.  Without the mouthpiece just put your lips around the lead pipe and blow.  Do this a number of times. Concentrate on taking full breaths before you blow and don’t hold the air in any time. Try doing this before your warm-up and throughout your practice session.

PRACTICE A SCALE EVERYDAY until you have it mastered and memorized and can play it with a beautiful sound and steady time.  Which scale you might ask, practice one that you don’t know well. If you’re a beginner or in the early stages of playing pick the easiest one for you and work on it until you can play it with ease.  Practicing scales into your upper range is also a good technique for developing your high register. To develop your high notes you have to play in that range everyday, just don’t overdo it.  Try slurring or tonguing to your top notes. There are many kinds of scales to learn; major scales, minor scales as well as jazz scales, altered scale and scales from other cultures such as Indian Ragas. For advanced players it’s a must to learn to play them in different ways; slur, single tongue double tongue and triple tongue until it sounds clean and smooth. Using a metronome in your daily practice can be quite helpful for developing steady rhythm. Be creative, consistent and patient in your practice. Good practice always pays off!

Watch the great Rapahel Mendez demonstrate this with brillance.

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