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Trumpet Professor

Although there can sometimes be many answers to a question, The Trumpet Professor tries to answer questions about trumpet playing- from the most basic to the most complex.

Sit up or stand and hold the trumpet up. The bell should be pointed towards the audience, real or imagined, and not at the floor.  Don’t slouch, the arms should not press against the side of the body but apart, with space between the arms and the armpits. Don't hold the horn too tightly; try to hold the instrument as lightly as it is possible to play properly. Take a big breath and blow. Pay attention to what the best playing position is for you. Correct posture is an essential part of good trumpet playing.
How well do you pay attention while you practice?  Practice as if this moment is the only time you have to get it right. Be present when you practice, take your time and pay attention to every detail. As Herbert L. Clarke, the great American cornet soloist and pedagogue said, “correct the least mistake you make immediately. Bad habits are easily formed and difficult to remedy.”  Picture the musical outcome that you want and then go for it!
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