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Trumpet Professor

Although there can sometimes be many answers to a question, The Trumpet Professor tries to answer questions about trumpet playing- from the most basic to the most complex.

Improving on your instrument and learning to make music includes a lot of subtle discoveries. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the fine points of the previous days discoveries, the details of that practice and the approach or technique involved. Keeping a daily practice journal can be quite helpful in managing ones practice and making its as productive as possible. All of your AH! moments should be noted as well as the material involved and the approach or techniques used. Write down any thought, idea or question that you have. Reviewing the previous days notes will remind you of those things that need special attention both technical and musical.  Over time you will see that you become more efficient at keeping a journal and of course you will see better results from your practice efforts. Its important to remember that we can often learn more from a moment’s reflection than we can from just blowing another bunch of notes.
Don’t practice stopping. If you stop every time you make a mistake you are actually practicing stopping. Of course we all want to fix our problems but if you stop every time you miss a note it will be difficult to develop musical continuity and accuracy. Learn to play through the mistake. By keeping the flow of the musical line going you will increase your accuracy and musicality. Of course this doesn’t mean that you ignore mistakes, you must fix them. Ok, so you’ve worked on your phrase, piece or excerpt, now play it without stopping even if you make a mistake. Then go back; isolate the problem parts and work on them.  Then play the phrase again without stopping.  Repeat the process. As you learn to play without stopping you will eventually make far less mistakes and far more music. This technique will also help a great deal with performance concentration.
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