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Perfect rhythm makes everything about playing music so much easier and a steady beat is essential to good rhythm. Good rhythm also makes playing the trumpet much easier in many ways. To explain this in a simple way, good time helps coordinate the tongue, lips, breath, fingers and brain. If you listen to the great trumpeters you will hear that they all have excellent time, something that they worked hard at getting.  Numerous trumpet virtuosos keep their metronome clicking throughout their personal practice sessions. So you might ask how should I use my metronome?  A good start would be to use it through your warm-up sessions and throughout your scale practice. The key to using a metronome is to listen to it CAREFULLY and not just casually. Treat the metronome as if it is another musician.  Listen to it clicking and coordinate your beats and rhythm with it. As with everything else about practice, be consistent and patient and it will pay off!
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