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WILLIAM FORMAN / Contemporary American Brass in Berlin

Interview by Paul Brody for


WILLIAM FORMAN is one of the most important trumpet players in contemporary classical music today.


He had been a member of Ensemble Modern for over ten years and has worked closely with such composers as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio, Frank Zappa, and György Ligeti.



Beloved and highly respected trumpet player and teacher died on May 25, 2014 at the age of 94. Crisara's life was crammed full of unique musical accomplishments. His live video recording of the Hindemith Sonate for Trumpet and Piano with Glen Gould at the keyboard is a demonstration of his trumpet playing and musicianship, as well as Gould's who plays the Hindemith piano accompaniment from memory. Check it out at

More on Ray Crisara at

Happy Birthday Mr. Nagel!
Robert Nagel, an important American trumpet player, teacher and one of the most important musicians in the development of the brass quintet celebrates a birthday this week. Born in 1924 in the city of Freeland, Pennsylvania, Nagel went on to become a major influence in the world of trumpet performance and brass chamber music.

ARMANDO GHITALLA, (June 1, 1925 –December 14, 2001) American Orchestral player and trumpet soloist was one of the most respected players of his time. He is often remembered as the first person in modern times to perform and record the Hummel Trumpet Concerto. Ghitalla, who always searched for never or rarely performed solos, played with a remarkably beautiful singing style of unparalleled phrasing and musicianship. He performed numerous high register concertos with elan and ease. Always a gentleman, he was revered and loved by his students.




Principal trumpet of the San Francisco Symphony retires after 25 years in the top chair. Read the interview.



Paul Brody

Already in January of 2014 I break my New Year's resolution by checking emails while warming up on the trumpet. I open the latest mail at the top and work my way down the scales, playing a half step lower with each click. A young trumpeter who studied with me in Berlin writes, "Paul, H.N.Y. I saw you in the The Other Europeans documentary. That Moldavian gypsy trumpet player is amazing!" He includes the link to the trailer. (

I wish him well, explain that the correct word for gypsy is Roma, and think about my colleague.

Last year Adam Stinga,

mauriceandre1Trumpet Virtuoso Maurice Andre died on Saturday, Feb 25.  Andre, considered one of the greatest trumpet soloists of all times, had a remarkable influence on the music world.

Visit the official Maurice Andre website at:

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