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Recommended methods and performance music for trumpet players of all levels.

Performer Profiles

Voisin moved to the United States as a child when his father, René Voisin (1893-1952), was brought to the Boston Symphony as fourth trumpet by Sergei Koussevitzky in 1928. He was initially a student of his father, but he later studied with the Boston Symphony's second trumpet Marcel LaFosse (1895-1969) and principal trumpet Georges Mager (1885-1950). He also studied solfege with Boston Symphony contrabassist Gaston Dufresne.’s Interview with Gabriele Cassone

cassonegOne of the leading trumpet masters of Baroque, Classical and Contemporary music styles, Gabriele Cassone began his professional career at seventeen years old when he joined the Orchestra Pomeriggi Musicali in Milan Italy.

Mr. Cassone is featured on over twenty acclaimed compact disc recordings in repertoire spanning the centuries from the Baroque through the contemporary era. He is a professor at the Conservatory of Novara in Italy, and holds regular international master classes throughout Europe and in the United States. He is a guest professor at the Academy of S. Cecilia in Rome and author of La Tromba, a highly acclaimed text on the history and pedagogy of the trumpet.

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